What is Integrative Primary Care?

Integrative primary care is a practice designed to best suit the patients needs.  Dr. White is able to manage and refill your prescriptions, provide primary care, refer to specialists as needed. She takes time to help you set realistic lifestyle goals to help you manage your health.

This type of medicine is designed to help you effectively manage your current health conditions with both traditional and natural medicine as well as make sure you are doing all you can to prevent future health problems.  Dr. White helps you plan simple and realistic lifestyle, diet, stress management and exercise goals to achieve optimal health. Dr. White sees a wide variety of patients ranging from those who need an annual physical, medication refills and an occasional referral to those who want to avoid medication and use natural medicine only to support their health.

Dr. White prides herself in being able to adjust her practice style to meet individual patient needs.  Some patients simply want more time with their doctor, they want things explained and questions answered. Dr. White schedules 30 minute follow up appointments, so she is able to take time to answer your questions, provide education/explanations and adjust your treatment plans and goals as needed. Dr. White also offers 15-minute acute care appointments at the end of her regularly scheduled workday as needed.

Focus on Naturopathy

Dr. White has shifted her practice to focus solely on Naturopathic Medicine.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. White prescribes both synthetic and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) when appropriate.

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Natural injections for Pain

Most patients experience long lasting relief from a few simple treatments.  These injections can help improve outcomes from physical therapy and massage treatments.

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