Biodentical Hormone Therapy and Natural Thyroid Replacement

Natural Biodentical Hormone Therapy or BHRT has been popular for many years. This therapy is probably best known for helping women improve their quality of life while going thru menopause. In recent years BHRT has also become popular during what is called “andropause” or the gradual decline in testosterone men experience as they age. Many men are hesitant to discuss how they are effected by their declining testosterone levels. Dr. White addresses this subject with all of her male patients in a very matter of fact and relaxed way that usually helps them open up about any issues they are having.

BHRT is also helpful in protecting bone health, treating erectile dysfunction and helping patients maintain stamina, strength and mood as they age. Dr. White is well versed in all aspects of BHRT and skilled in using it responsibly to help patients maintain health. Dr. White does not practice longevity or anti-aging medicine. Thyroid hormone replacement is appropriate only for patients with thyroid disease. That being said, not all patients with thyroid disease find that synthetic thyroid replacement helps them feel better and achieve optimal health. Dr. White regularly prescribes a variety of natural thyroid hormones, she works with patients to determine what form of thyroid replacement will best fit their needs.

Focus on Naturopathy

Dr. White has shifted her practice to focus solely on Naturopathic Medicine.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. White prescribes both synthetic and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) when appropriate.

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Natural injections for Pain

Most patients experience long lasting relief from a few simple treatments.  These injections can help improve outcomes from physical therapy and massage treatments.

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