Current patients offered these testimonals of their experiences with Dr. Karyn White.

"I’ve been a patient of Dr. White for several years. From my first appointment, I was so impressed with Dr. White’s knowledge, professionalism, and caring. She’s open to troubleshooting, re-looking at issues, and researching and finding the best treatment for you. I would highly recommend Dr. White. She is fabulous!"

"Dr. Karyn changed my life in 90 minutes. A month ago, my energy was completed depleted and I was beginning to wonder if I would feel like myself again. I met with Dr. Karyn and I was surprised by how much time she spent getting to know me and various events in my life. She took a holistic approach to my well-being and she solved a mystery that other doctors had missed. Within a couple days of my appointment, I noticed a huge shift in my energy level. It's now been one month since my visit and I feel like a completely different person. I have more energy than I've ever had and feel empowered to life to the fullest again! When health issues arise, it can be scary and Dr. Karyn gave me hope and helped me get my health back."

"I am fairly new to natural pathic medicine, and was hesitant to leave my previous GP of several years. However, from the office visits I’ve had this year with Dr. Karyn White, she has definitely calmed my fears about joining Naturalpathic care and treatment from her, and she is solely my primary care physician."

Dr. White is very thorough in her evaluation of my past and present health concerns. She treats me with complete dignity, respect and spends time with my health care. It is a relief to know that there is someone who will take the time and understand my medical needs. I am not rushed with a quick diagnosis left with some trial prescription as I have experienced in the past. It’s been such a blessing - I feel better already and I feel like the symptoms that I used to have gone down and I feel like I’m getting healthier again."

I highly recommend Karyn to those who especially struggle with doctors that are quick to diagnose without listening or understanding their patients needs first."

Dr. White is a patient-centered naturopath. She is thorough, trustworthy, and best of all, she has a warm, focused demeanor when we work together to solve my sensitive health topics. She's one of my favorite doctors of all time."

"I wanted a physician who could provide natural solutions for my health, but knew when to refer me to someone else. I also wanted someone who took an interest and spent time listening to my concerns. I found that doctor in Dr Karyn White. We have conversations regarding my health, she provides options and is genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. Working with Dr White’s staff is outstanding as well. They are personable, respectful and will go the “extra mile” to help. Her practice is “one in a million” and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

"Dr. White is a gem. She listens, cares, is so knowledgeable, explains things clearly, and doesn’t overwhelm one with the supposed need to buy 50 supplements. Her staff couldn’t be nicer and the office is a comfortable and welcoming place. I’m so grateful to have discovered her a few years ago."

"Dr. Karyn White is an amazing Doctor! I recommend her to everyone. I love the new office it’s very relaxing. The staff is very friendly."