September 2, 2021

Dear Patient,

On January 1, 2022 my practice will change from an Integrated Primary Care model to one focused on Naturopathic Medicine. I am very excited to continue providing you with personalized healthcare focusing on prevention and treatment using the medicine and philosophy that I am so passionate about.

What does this mean for you?

This means I will no longer provide primary care services to my patients and that you will need to find a new provider to perform your annual wellness exams, fill medications, order routine labs and send referrals.

I will continue to order lab tests that are pertinent to specific conditions we are addressing, i.e thyroid, cholesterol and blood sugar, etc This will be in addition to any annual labs your new primary care provider orders and will not be covered under wellness services.

This change will not affect insurance billing on our end, this will continue as it has in the past, however your co-pay may change, please check with your insurance provider for details.

Variations in insurance policies and whether providers are accepting new patients change constantly. For these reasons, I am not giving specific recommendations for new Primary Care Providers, please check with your insurance plan.

I encourage you to sign up for Patient Fusion for ease of access to your electronic chart and direct messaging to our office. We had thought we could send a mass invite to all patients but this is not possible in the software so please email our office at for instructions if you have not previously received an email invitation. Being able to complete the online check in process for an appointment DOES NOT mean you are enrolled.

Have you signed up for online ordering with Wellevate? Please visit my website and click on the blue online pharmacy tab on the top to sign up. You will be able to order products at a discount and have them delivered right to you. Orders over $49 are eligible for free shipping.

I look forward to continuing to provide you with personalized healthcare focusing on your health and wellness.

Please contact the office if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

Karyn White ND